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OMNIUX provided branding, business, and financial guidance to Maverick's Playlist, helping them develop their cryptocurrency ecosystem's white paper and roadmap, leveraging their partners' experience in finance, entertainment, and crypto industries.

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mavericks playlist

Mavericks Playlists' Story

Maverick's Playlist reached out to OMNIUX for advice on their brand identity, help with spreading brand awareness, general business structuring, tokenomics, and financial guidance within multiple sectors. OMNIUX was able to guide Maverick's Playlist through the development of their white paper and roadmap pertaining to the tokenomics of their cryptocurrency ecosystem, as well as their potential NFT offerings. With our partners’ experience in the finance, entertainment, and crypto industries, we were able to identify solutions and supply feedback for Maverick’s rebirth as a label, events company, and now a cryptocurrency community.

Backend API Running on

Node JS

Mobile/Web App Designed With

React & Material UI

Distributed Architecture & Hosting on

Google Cloud

"OMNIUX has helped dramatically in defining our project's public-facing rollout campaign, and structuring a long-term plan for success in one of the most competitive fields to exist. Communication is consistent and detailed, they put just as much effort into you as they do for themselves."

Jordan Kokal

Jordan Kokal

CEO at Mavericks Playlist

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