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Releese Innovations Ltd.

Releese Innovations Ltd needed help building its Artists Management Platform. OMNIUX stepped in to assist with Web, Database, and Cloud Infrastructure development.

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Releese' Story

Releese Innovations Ltd. needed help developing a ground-breaking new web application, a first for its target market sector, utilizing a range of new-age web technologies, including: React JS, MongoDB, and the Stripe Payment Platform.

OMNIUX was brought on board to help develop the final product. Utilizing our full suite of capabilities, OMNIUX was involved in the development & deployment of database systems, backend integration & performance optimization, front-end design & development, and implementation of service-based infrastructure. With OMNIUX’s expertise, we have solidified ourselves as a reliable source of development knowledge, guiding key design decisions wherever possible in order to help create a robust product.

Backend API Running on

Node JS

Mobile/Web App Designed With

React & Material UI

Distributed Architecture & Hosting on

Google Cloud

"Working with OMNIUX has been a very pleasant experience, they have brought great knowledge to the table, hard work, determination as well as passion. The team has proven time and time again to be flexible and willing to help grow projects. I will recommend their services to anyone who comes my way."

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Maxence Pepin

CEO at Releese Innovations Ltd.

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