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What Does Corporate Frameworking Do For My Business?

OMNIUX prides itself in being a 360-degree solution for your business needs. We specialize in Corporate Frameworking to develop and nurture your company’s infrastructure, game plan, and execution. Whether a corporation needs a specific skill set to get up and running or requires a full-scale remodel of the business, OMNIUX has the resources to accomplish any task, no matter how broad or intricate.

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“Make sure your company is at the forefront of industry development by ensuring your business is set up appropriately and efficiently.”

LLCs, Corps, & Umbrella Entities Managed

Our familiarity with legal entities over several decades has given clients a multitude of options for their business’ specific needs. Depending on the industry sector and unique details of your company, OMNIUX can help determine and form the right legal entity for your business.


Checking & Savings Accounts Maintained

Bank accounts have been cultivated and managed in almost all 50 states with a focus on organization, retained access, and security. With long standing experience with the banking sector, OMNIUX also has the ability to recover escheated account funds due to lack of access or use.


Banking Institution Relationship

Our team’s involvement in a variety of investment vehicles and strategies gives OMNIUX a major advantage in understanding what your company is handling and who to refer you to from institutions to major funds.


Informed on New Entity Types

Our team is updated regularly on additions to the already existing legal entities around the US. Whether it be Wyoming DAO LLCs, C-Corps, C-Crops with stock spits, or more, OMNIUX is at the forefront of unique formations.

Corporate Bank Accounts Opened in Almost Every State for Clients


Entities Converted or Relocated to Another Jurisdiction


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