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What Does Domain & Workspace Configuration Do For My Business?

Every business needs a workplace, and now more than ever it’s important to have your business available online. OMNIUX can help you set up your online workspace so that your email servers, website domain names, document storage, and payment processes are all handled for you. We can even add additional security checks so that your business and online data are protected.

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"Effective domain management is crucial for ensuring the security, performance, and reliability of your online presence.”

Of All Cyber Attacks Target Small Businesses

This high percentage is likely due to the fact that small businesses often have fewer resources and less advanced security measures in place, making them easier targets. OMNIUX uses tools like to identify potential exploits in your applications/website code, as well as implement rigid security policies through Google Workspace or Microsoft Active Directory.


Automated Deployment

With production deployment pipelines - we make sure that your code changes make it to market with a single click of a button. Be it iOS or Android apps, desktop applications, or a website - we can inhouse your entire deployment process so that you spend less time worrying about if your code is working, and focus more on bringing quality functionality to your customers.

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