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What Does Service Integration Do For My Business?

Spreadsheets for work rotas, bookkeeping platforms for cash flow, or Jira for team cooperation. Managing everything can be overwhelming. OMNIUX can move existing desktop systems to custom cloud solutions, and integrate existing solutions with suites such as Google Sheets, Xero, or Asana while also being able to audit and test your current website/solutions for performance bottlenecks, UX red flags, or server/domain provider issues.

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“It’s time to automate the boring stuff. Maximize efficiency and minimize workload through custom-made pipelines.”

ROI After 3 Years*

Automation saves time and money - so why not automate the boring stuff and focus on what matters in your business? According to Microsoft, Automating your business with tools like Power Automate can result in a 140% ROI after 3 years.


Increase in Conversion Rates When Using a CRM*

The use of a customer relationship management (CRM) system can lead to a significant increase in conversion rates. In fact, certain CRM platforms have identified that implementing a CRM can result in a 300% increase in conversion rates. This is because a CRM allows businesses to better manage and track their customer interactions, providing them with valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences.



Of Companies Plan To Use Low Code Tools in 2023

Low-code tools are quickly gaining popularity among businesses, with a recent survey finding that 85% of companies plan to use them in 2023. These tools allow users to build software applications without needing to write extensive amounts of code, making them a valuable asset for companies looking to streamline their development processes.

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