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The Hairy Coo

The Hairy Coo needed help revamping the booking system for their Free Highland Tour. The original booking system was struggling to keep up with the evolving demands of the company. OMNIUX was brought in to design and develop a new system with support for Stripe Payments.

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The Hairy Coo

The Hairy Coo's Story

After launching the 1-Day free Highlands Tour in 2010 The Hairy Coo needed a digital replacement for their manual tour sign up. Before, they would take phone calls and email bookings directly and note them down in a spreadsheet. The replacement booking system was a simple, bespoke system, that was a suitable alternative at the time. However, as the tour evolved, so too did the needs of the company.

There was no native mobile support, so customers found the UI difficult to navigate. There was also a last-minute requirement that would allow The Hairy Coo to hold deposits in case of no-shows, this strained the system. This additional feature was added, allowing The Hairy Coo to request that no-shows pay the fee, however there was no strict enforcement, no AMEX support, and the fees for the payment system were high. On top of this, the system was starting to experience significant slowdown along with semi-regular outages. It was clear that this original system needed to go.

OMNIUX was brought in to design and develop a new system. This new booking system was built using ReactJs, Asp Core (C#), and MySQL. The system was built to be mobile-first, scaleable to support multiple tours a day, and utilised the Stripe API to hold customer payment information in case of no-shows. This system also allowed for users to customise booking, no-show, and reminder emails through the MailGun, a 3rd party Email management platform.

Travellers choice award
Scottish Tourism Board
Tour Radar award 2018

Backend API Running on

Asp Core (C#)

Mobile/Web App Designed With

React JS

Database Designed With


"OMNIUX delivered a clean and well-designed product. The previous system was starting to show its age and OMNIUX really saved the day. The new system is fast, easy to use, and has dramatically reduced the number of no-shows on our tours. We hope to work with OMNIUX again in the future to help modernize some of our other systems."

Andy Barton

Andy Barton

Managing Director at The Hairy Coo

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