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What Does Advertising Do For My Business?

Whether it be through traditional means of marketing or digital media advertising, OMNIUX specializes in delivering your brand directly to your potential consumer base by utilizing a variety of techniques. We devise unique advertising strategies, targeting specific demographics for each client’s marketing campaigns while accurately measuring reach, frequency and impact to efficiently perfect advertising tactics. 

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“Humans have shorter average attention spans than goldfish… how will your business use <8.25 seconds to engage consumers?”

Increase in Sales Growth

We were able to generate an increase of 1,104% in Sales Growth through optimized digital channels and digital marketing efforts over a 6 month period.


Increase in Traffic MoM (Averaged)

OMNIUX was able to generate an averaged 89% increase in web traffic MoM over a 6 month interval leading to a 6-figure increase in MRR.


Average CPM

Our team of marketing experts boasts an incredible .0004 Cost per Mille, or the cost per 1,000 impressions. This figure is measured from data gathered from combining results from all of systems that have been optimized over a 6 month period. CPM impacts CPC, CPL, and ROAS.

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