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What Does Business Concierge Do For My Business?

Having access to a vast network of resources, both personal & professional, OMNIUX is able to represent you and your business to a multitude of parties. Whether you need a referral to a talent recruitment agency or just need a dot connector for your supply chain, we are capable of networking your business with clients, collaborators, and contractors.

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“Most consultants keep their connections secret, whereas OMNIUX has nothing to hide. Our clients are given the same treatment we give ourselves - become a part of our team instead of becoming someone's client.”

Businesses & Brands Consulted

From Fortune 500 companies to niche boutique businesses, OMNIUX has helped companies from various sectors. Our team members have a vast range of skills and connections to fulfil any entity’s needs expertly.

Priority Access

To Top Global Legal Counsel & Financial Services

OMNIUX has several working relationships with first-rate professionals such as Morgan, Lewis, & Bockius (clients include two-thirds of the Fortune 500, as well as 19 of the top 20), Morgan Stanley, and dozens of other high-profile institutions.

What's Included in This Service?

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Access to marketing, development, & finance experts

Performance & marketing audits

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