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What Does PR & Media Strategy Do For My Business?

With an extensive Rolodex of PR contacts and a highly experienced in-house press release team, OMNIUX provides clients with an all-in-one PR & periodical solution. Having written and pitched countless press releases, our team knows exactly how to paint you and your business in a favorable light while expressing the core values of your product, service, or company.

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"Reputation can be a make or break factor for so many brands - ensure your brand’s reputation is being managed by individuals with a wealth of knowledge regarding legal, financial, and social impact."

Pitched Articles Placed

OMNIUX proudly has a near 75% success rate of placement on all articles pitched on behalf of our clientele.


Articles Written & Pitched

Having written and pitched over 2000 articles for our clientele, we are more than capable of writing text copy on behalf of our clients, whether it be for blogs, websites, ads, articles, scripts, or even speeches.


Periodicals, Press Outlets, & Blogs in Network (Digital & Print)

Our vast network of associates ensures that we have the ability to tap into any industry, no matter how niche and has allowed us to combine an impressive 1,000+ outlets within our network.

Inbound Links Generated


Crisis Campaigns Overseen


Brand Reputations Managed


What Can Be Included in This Service?

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